Last week First Aid for Life were privileged to be invited to Aldborough E-ACT Free School to teach children from 4 to 8, key first aid skills as part of their Health and Safety Week.

‘The ethos at AEFS is very much built around what children CAN do, and the capacity they have at any age to make a difference. When they learnt that countries like Norway include the teaching of first aid as a very central part of their curriculum, they thought they could learn from this and build it into their learning too.

The teaching of  the First Aid skills has been managed sensitively and activities have been planned to meet the needs of learners of different ages, with the aim that all children would have a better level of ability to cope and act in an emergency situation.

The skills they have learnt have included; what to do if they found someone not moving, opening the airway and checking for breathing, learning how to put someone in the recovery position and log rolling for spinal injuries, what to do if someone is burnt or has a major bleed… The training also encompassed how they should keep themselves safe, when and how to call the emergency services and learning their full address and a mobile phone number.  created a bespoke programme of first aid teaching for Aldborough E-ACT Free School, building on research from Scandinavia where survival rates for Cardiac Arrest are 40% higher than they are in the UK as CPR is routinely taught in schools and so people know what to do if someone collapses.

First Aid training is absolutely vital, it is knowing what to do in those first critical seconds and minutes that can make the difference between life and death. Teaching First Aid to young children in a calm and reassuring manner and building on this knowledge as they develop and are able to take on more involved First Aid, will make it normal and natural for them to calmly and confidently help in a medical emergency. It is amazing how much they absorb and how fascinating they find it and these are real life skills that they may need to use at any stage in their lives.

‘The ability of children should never be under-estimated,’ said Mrs Thomas, Deputy Principal ‘It could very well be that any of our children are party to an emergency situation and it could be the knowledge they have that leads to a life being saved.’

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