Resources to help you introduce first aid to children and young people

Please find the great range of teaching resources we have designed to complement our First Aid for Life practical hands-on first aid training courses: There are comprehensive modular online courses, PDF handouts, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, infographics and posters all created to enhance the learning experience and help the students get the most from learning these invaluable skills.

Free Downloadable PowerPoints

To be used as lesson plans in conjunction with our PDF handouts below. Click on a PowerPoint to open it. The first is suitable for primary school aged children, the second for secondary school age.

Comprehensive Set of Resources for Teaching the Recovery Position

This section contains all the materials you need to introduce your students to the vital importance of putting someone into the recovery position.

To get the most from these resources please book First Aid for Life in to run practical training

About: The Recovery Position

PDF Handout

How to Put Someone in the Recovery Position


Click on a worksheet to download it. These can be used to test children’s’ knowledge. To download the answers click the buttons below.

Online First Aid Interactive Courses for Children

You can preview a course below and either purchase each one seperately, or if you book a practical course they are included for free.


To unlock the rest of our teaching resources below, just book a practical course with us (for your staff, children, young people or parents).

PDF Handouts







Head Injuries







Free Posters

Click on a poster to download it.


These posters will also become downloadable when you book a practical course with us.


To unlock ALL of our teaching resources, just book a practical course with us (for your staff, children, young people or parents).

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Free Ebook:7 vital first aid skills every family should know

1/3 people wouldn't know how to perform first aid in an emergency!

Learn how to protect your family with our newly updated ebook. Including sections on how to perform CPR, how to deal with a seizure, how to put someone into the recovery position, how to treat burns & head injuries & bleedings.

Each section outlines the specific guidance for all family members - baby, adult and child.

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