Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

Full HSE Syllabus regulated through Qualsafe Awards
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Our Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course is fully-regulated through Qualsafe Awards, Ofqual and the QCF framework. The EFAW involves practical and multiple choice assessment and you will receive an externally awarded Ofqual Certificate, valid for 3 years.

Our course covers the full HSE syllabus, plus:

  • Heart attack
  • Head and spinal injuries
  • Asthma
  • Anaphylaxis and acute allergic reaction

First Aid for Life trainers are experienced health and emergency services professionals and will tailor the training to your needs, ensuring it is relevant for your work. The course takes 6 hours plus breaks and extra time for additional topics.


This course is suitable for workplaces with up to 50 employees and recommended for larger businesses and those with more complex risks to support personnel with the 3 day First Aid at Work (FAW) qualification.

The one day EFAW  is also available as a blended option, enabling you to do 2 hours pre-learning online and complete the practical element in 4 hours, plus breaks and additional time for extra topics.

Our award-winning interactive e-learning can be done on any computer or mobile device. You can start and stop the course as you like, and have access to it for a full year. It is written in clear English and is ideal for people with English as a second language to help familiarise themselves with the vocabulary on the practical course.



  • People responsible for First Aid cover for Businesses of up to 50 employees
  • Larger or complex risk businesses looking to increase support for qualified FAW staff
  • Anyone requiring a regulated First Aid training qualification
  • Sports Professionals and Personal Trainers (including Football Association, Rugby, Sailing, Hockey)
  • Charities & Local Authorities
  • Children & Youth organisations
  • Builders & Construction
  • Beauty, Retail & Hospitality
  • Home Carers, Care Homes & Foster Carers needing a regulated qualification
  • Heath professionals
Every course is tailored to the needs of those attending – please let us know if there are particular areas you need us to cover.

By the end of the course you will have learnt:

  • Prioritising injuries and action in an emergency.
  • How to provide immediate medical care in an emergency.
  • How to assess if someone is unconscious, whether or not they are breathing and how and when to put them into the recovery position or start CPR.
  • We will cover common accidents and injuries relevant to your industry and empower you with the skills and confidence to provide an immediate and appropriate first aid response.
  • Baby first aid and Child First Aid can be included if required and we will always tailor the course to the requirements of your work.
  • Managing an incident
  • Priorities of First Aid
  • Treatment of an unconscious casualty who is breathing – recovery position
  • Treatment of an unconscious casualty who is not breathing – CPR
  • Importance of a defibrillator and how to use an AED*
  • Heart Attack and Angina*
  • Stroke
  • Choking
  • Shock
  • Bleeding – grazes, splinters, embedded objects, amputated parts, knocked out teeth, mouth injury, eye injury, bruising, nose bleeds, objects in eyes, ears, nose…
  • Burns and scalds
  • Head injuries, concussion, compression & skull fracture *
  • Spinal injuries*
  • Breaks, soft tissue injuries & dislocations *
  • Anaphylactic shock and acute allergic reaction
  • Fitting and seizures
  • First Aid Kits
  • The aftermath, accident forms…

* Head and spinal injuries, Heart Attacks, breaks & soft tissue injuries are not included within the HSE first aid syllabus but are incorporated into our course. Extra time is added to include these additional topics.

One day – 6 hours.

Continuous assessment by trainer, practical assessments to cover wound management, care of an unconscious casualty, CPR and a multiple choice paper.

Ofqual Approved Certification through Qualsafe Awards is valid for 3 years.

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Emergency First Aid

If the EFAW course is more than you need, we also offer a shorter Emergency First Aid course that is ideal for anyone needing a basic first aid qualification who would like to know how to help in a variety of medical emergencies.

Group Courses

For group courses: we would be delighted to come and run the one day EFAW, 3 day First Aid at Work (FAW) or 2 day FAW re-qualification courses tailored to your specific needs at a time or place to suit you.

Health and Safety Executive Latest Guidance on First Aid Training:


logo-300x93In addition to our practical courses, First Aid for Life provides online courses at www.onlinefirstaid.com where you can learn vital skills and extend your first aid knowledge from your smart phone or mobile device in your own time.

These are ideal for people with English as a second language (ESOL) as they provide clear, easy to follow pre-learning to enable you to fully understand and pass the regulated practical course. These courses are also ideal for those needing the Appointed Person qualification or as an Annual First Aid Refresher as recommended through the HSE.

An easy solution to provide superb corporate and social responsibility and added value for your employees:

Our online training is an ideal way and easy way to offer health and well-being benefits for your staff.

First Aid for Life also offer lunchtime first aid sessions for employees on a wide variety of first aid topics. These are usually 60-90 minutes long and involve demonstrations, practical courses or expert led discussions plus a question and answer session. Previous sessions have involved subjects such as Antenatal First Aid in preparation for a new baby; First Aid for Children; CPR for adults, babies and children; Sports First Aid; First Aid for Teenagers and Defibrillators (AEDs).

I can’t express enough the excitement I feel after yesterday’s training. That was the best training I have ever had, the content was really interesting and I found every detail valuable. I think I will be able to react if ever something happens because of the way you provided the information:

  • You went through the cycles multiple times, repeating the most important things,
  • We were able to practice a lot on high quality mannequins,
  • At the end of training we recapped everything we had learned during the day by answering questions.

I have attended several first aid courses before but didn’t remember anything of them. This time I feel like something has really stuck in my brain. I went home and told my family what I had learned and did a short recap once again. Thank you a lot and hope to meet you here in Riga again!

Maija Termane

Team Leader HR Payroll, Circle K Group Latvia

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