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Free Ebook: First Aid for Stabbings

Free Ebook: 7 vital first aid skills every family should know

Free Ebook: First Aid and the Law: a guide for SMEs

Free Ebook: What Bit Me? A Guide to Bites & Stings

Free Ebook: Essential First Aid for Nannies and Child Carers

Free Ebook: Essential First Aid for Children’s Activity Providers

Free Ebook: How to help your dog if they are poisoned

Free Ebook: Guide to the Legal requirements concerning first aid for Children’s Activity and Learning Providers

Burns, Falls and Emergency Calls

Emma’s second book,Burns, Falls and Emergency Calls, is being heralded as the ultimate guide to the treatment and prevention of childhood accidents.

Free Ebook: How to register as a nanny on the Voluntary Ofsted Childcare Register.

Free Ebook: Administering Medication in Schools – from every day to emergencies

Free Ebook: Supporting Children with Medical Conditions in Schools

Slips, Trips and Fractured Hips is being heralded as the ultimate guide to the treatment and prevention of accidents in older people.

Free Ebook: Emergency Tips & Techniques to Save Your Dog’s Life

Free Ebook: 6 Essential First Aid Skills All Parents Should Know (babies) 

Free Ebook: 7 Essential First Aid Skills for Carers 

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