Top Tips for Staying Safe and Making the Most of the Summer Holidays

Top Tips for Staying Safe and Making the Most of the Summer Holidays

The Summer Holidays are a lovely time to hopefully be able to take a bit of time off and spend some quality time with our children. However, they are also a peak time for accidental injuries as children have more time to explore, spend time unsupervised or are maybe looked after by a young babysitter or older sibling.

When booking a holiday somewhere warm, it is extremely tempting to choose somewhere with a pool. Please think carefully and ensure that the pool is appropriate for the age of your children and is secure if you have little ones. Children can drown in a scarily small amount of water – just a couple of centimetres, and this can be silent (read more about how to prevent drownings here). It is therefore critical that you explore your new accommodation carefully and check balconies are safe, any ponds are fenced off and just ensure that you are aware of any possible hazards.

When you are out and about, plan ahead:

Ensure you are all dressed appropriately for the day’s activities and weather. Think sunscreen, hats, long sleeved shirts… rain wear etc

I always carry loo roll or tissues, wet wipes, snacks and drinks. Have a compact first aid kit with something to stop bleeding, an instant ice pack and some colourful plasters for quick distraction and a patch up. If you do apply a plaster, please remove it and clean the wound properly as soon as you get home.

In hot weather it is vital that everyone drinks and remains well hydrated. Keep out of the midday sun and plan vigorous activities in the early morning or evening when it is a little cooler. The heat can be exhausting, so build in a siesta or quiet activities.

If anyone starts feeling headachy, over-heated, thirsty and has stomach ache, they could have the early signs of heat exhaustion. If they are experiencing heat exhaustion, get them into the shade as soon as possible, or into air-conditioning. They should drink frequent small sips of water, re-hydrating drinks such as Lucozade sport or Dioralyte.

Avoid sunburn: Wear appropriate clothing, ideally tightly woven with a sun factor and hat. Apply sunscreen regularly and more frequently if you are swimming or undertaking water sports as the water will increase the potency of the sun. (for more information about how to avoid and treat sunburns we prepared these tips for you)

Have a lovely summer break

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