I was privileged to be asked to speak at one of Age UK London’s mini Conferences. The topic was about keeping older people safe and I was speaking alongside Ashley Martin from RoSPA.

Poisoning presentation for Age UK London

The event was a total sell-out, with a full waiting list too and the audience was fabulous.

Ashley’s presentation was fascinating and he spoke about the accident statistics in over 65s, why older people are prone to accidents, which accidents are most prevalent and where are the most dangerous places for which age groups. He also gave helpful advice on accident prevention and reducing risk.

I spoke on poisoning and the key problems that occur with managing medication, food poisoning and carbon monoxide. The issue of medication is a particular issue with older people as often they are juggling so many different tablets it is extremely easy to get confused. We looked at common food interactions – particularly grapefruit and various tips and ideas to help manage medication safely.

We then looked at issues around food poisoning and why older people are often affected. Finally we looked at Carbon Monoxide and the dangers around this invisible, colourless, odourless and tasteless gas and why so many people are affected.

To listen to the full talk, please click the link below.

If you have any questions, or would like a copy of the slides, please email emma@firstaidforlife.org.uk

For more information on Stay Safe for Older people please visit www.staysafe.support

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