A new year’s resolution that really counts: learn to help in an emergency

A new year's resolution that really counts: learn to help in an emergency

Every year one million children under the age of 18 are taken to Accident and Emergency units after being involved in accidents in the home. Many more are treated at home or by their GP. Only 9% of UK parents are confident and willing to perform first aid on their children.

Up to 150,000 people in the UK die each year in situations where first aid could make a difference

Learning first aid can be a fun and rewarding experience. Come and join one of our courses, taught in small groups by highly experienced and engaging medical, health and emergency services professionals. We will tailor the training to your needs and you can ask us anything.

Immediate first aid can mean the difference between life and death and can massively improve the chances of someone’s recovery, the amount of pain they are in and how long they need to be in hospital. Prompt first aid can often help someone recover completely without the need for medical intervention at all! First aid is immediate treatment and there is usually no time to phone for advice, care in those first vital minutes is absolutely critical.

Accidental injury is one of the biggest single causes of death in the UK for children over the age of one. More children die each year as a result of accidents than from illnesses such as Leukaemia or Meningitis.

Many accidents that happen in and around the home can be avoided. By identifying and understanding potential accident risks in the home, you can take some basic safety steps that will keep your children safe and give you comfort and reassurance.

Most people experience injuries and accidents. Most will be minor, but it’s sensible to know how to treat these as well as what to do if the accident or injury is more serious.

We all need to live life to the full and shouldn’t be wrapped in cotton-wool. However basic sensible precautions to keep everyone safer, along with knowledge as to what to do if an accident occurs, will make a major difference.

You never know when you might be required to jump into action, and we can’t overestimate the peace of mind you have, knowing you are able to help. You might need to help yourself or someone you love. The skills you learn will also help you be more risk aware and avoid some of the common accidents.

Book a practical or online course now and make a new year’s resolution that can literally be life-changing.

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Emma Hammett – First Aid for Life. www.firstaidforlife.org.uk and www.onlinefirstaid.com

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