New hospital admissions daily from children falling from buildings

Falls from open windows

Staggering statistics from the Child Accident Prevention Trust reveal that every day one child under five is admitted to hospital after falling from a building – usually from open windows but also from balconies. Hot days during the summer pose a particular risk, as more windows and doors are left open to ventilate our homes.

Pre-school children are particularly susceptible to falls from a height:

Small children are naturally inquisitive but without understanding risks and danger, they are opportunists and can quickly see ways of clambering on plant pots, windowsills and chairs to climb up to windows.

Children watch and learn; they are smart and will see when you use a chair to climb on and reach things. They are stronger than you might realise and are capable of dragging furniture over to windows if there is something they would like to see.

Children develop at different rates and often take parents and carers by surprise by a sudden breakthrough in their development.

Children’s heads are proportionally bigger than adults’, which changes their centre of gravity, making them head heavy. Consequently, if they lean out of a window, the disproportional weight of their head can lead to them toppling out and landing head first below.

An useful tip is to try and view your home from your child’s perspective and look for potential risks, hazards and opportunities from their level.

  • Keep furniture, plant pots and anything a child can climb onto, well away from balconies and windows
  • Fit window restrictors
  • Don’t place beds by windows
  • Ensure railings on balconies conform to safety standards

What to look out for following a head injury:

New hospital admissions daily from children falling from buildings

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