How to register as a nanny on the Voluntary Ofsted Childcare Register


How to register as a nanny on the Voluntary Ofsted Childcare Register

Why join the voluntary Ofsted Childcare Register?
• It increases the nanny’s professional status
• Parents can redeem employer-supported vouchers against childcare costs or
• Parents who want to claim childcare vouchers or take advantage of the government’s Tax Free Childcare Scheme need to employ a nanny who is registered with the Ofsted Childcare Register (OCR) or equivalent registers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
This register is voluntary as the individual is providing care for children in a manner that compulsory registration is not required. Childminders and other childcarers may need to register on the Compulsory Childcare Register – click here for more information or visit the following link and look at Appendix A:

The Registration process:
To register with Ofsted, candidates must first set up a Government Gateway Account, which is used to securely register online government services. Once an account has been created, candidates will be able to log in to the Ofsted Online Portal, to complete the CR1 online application form. Registering with Ofsted costs £103 a year.
The address history on your DBS Check MUST match that on your Ofsted CR1 application form. If it doesn’t, your application may be rejected.
The Process is pretty simple and can be completed in 4 steps:
1. Gain a DBS check
2. Undertake an appropriate paediatric first aid qualification
3. Undertake a Common Skills and Knowledge Qualification – or hold a suitable alternative childcare qualification to prove competence in common skills and knowledge.
4. Obtain Public Liability Insurance

1. Obtaining a DBS check:
The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), formerly CRB check, is aimed at preventing unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups such as children.
There are plenty of places online where you can get these arranged quickly and efficiently for you. Make sure you apply for an employee DBS – many online places only offer them for employers.,

You will need to be resident in the UK
You will need to provide at least 3 different forms of ID: ideally a passport, driving licence, UK birth certificate or adoption certificate, plus proof of address. All the details are available online.

2. Join us at First Aid for Life for an appropriate Paediatric First Aid qualification
Please visit our website or click here to book onto one of our award-winning paediatric first aid courses. For the 12 hour blended learning click here to start your online learning.
You can undertake a 6 hour practical course or the full 12 hour blended paediatric first aid course – either are accepted by Ofsted for the voluntary register.
If you have English as a second language, we would always recommend undertaking the 6 hour pre-learning for additional language support.

3. Gain a Common Core Skills and Knowledge Qualification (or have an equivalent childcare qualification)
For Ofsted registration, you are required to either have successfully completed training in Common Core Skills & Knowledge

Hold a qualification at a minimum of Level 2 in an area of work relevant to childcare
The Common Core is set out by the Children’s Workforce Development Council and reflects a set of common values for practitioners. It includes the following areas:
• Communicating with children, young people, their parents and carers
• Child and young person development
• Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the child
• Supporting transitions
• Multi-agency working
• Sharing information

4. Obtain Public Liability Insurance: – provide excellent insurance

What happens when you have submitted your CR1 form to register with Ofsted?

Once you have completed the CR1 form, you will receive an email from Ofsted to say they have received your application (this usually takes 5 – 10 working days). They will let you know at this point if there is anything that needs to be amended.
You will then receive a letter from Ofsted stating that your registration form has been accepted and you will be provided with an EY number.
You will receive an invoice for £103 (annual fee).
They will ask for a copy* of your DBS check and Paediatric First Aid certificate which needs to be sent by recorded delivery. This will then be scanned by Ofsted and the original documents sent back to you.
*Copies of these documents are fine – keep the originals safe.
The registration process takes approximately 12 weeks.

You do not need to be employed or working for a family at the time of submitting your Ofsted application. There is a section of the CR1 form that asks for employer’s details, add your own address here, if you are not currently employed.
When you start to work for a family, you will need to notify Ofsted and update the address.
If you change employer, they move, or anything else changes you must always keep Ofsted updated.


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