At the Holy Ghost School shopping event last Christmas, a little girl’s finger was slammed in a door and was cut off.

How many of you would know exactly what to do? Your priority is obviously the traumatised child – sit them down, apply pressure to the stump with a clean cloth and elevate their hand above the level of their heart. When they are calmer and the bleeding is controlled, turn your attention to the amputated part. Do not wash it, no matter what it has landed in. Wrap it in a non- fluffy cloth and put it into a plastic bag or wrap it in cling film – then put it alongside an icepack in order to chill it, to prevent it decomposing, but not freeze it. It is of paramount importance that the ice does not come into direct contact with the flesh as it will damage it.

For bruised fingers run the affected fingers under cool running water for at least 10 minutes.

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