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Head injuries

Head injuries click the link to watch the video

I have written a special article for Eddie Catz new website all about Head injuries – How to recognise when there is something seriously wrong, what to look out for and for how long and when to seek help.


It is very important to look out for anything unusual following a head injury as a severe bang on the head could cause swelling and damage to the brain and it is vitally important that you recognise any early and worrying signs of increased pressure on the brain.

What to look for and what to do: Call 999 or 112 if your child is an infant; has lost consciousness, even momentarily; or if a child of any age has any of these symptoms:

  • won’t stop crying
  • complains of head and neck pain
  • isn’t walking normally

 If the child is not an infant, has not lost consciousness, and is alert and behaving normally after the fall or blow:

o Apply a wrapped ice pack or instant cold pack to the injured area for 10 minutes. o Observe your child carefully for the next 48 hours. If you notice any of the signs of brain injury (see below), phone an ambulance immediately. o If the incident has occurred close to bedtime or naptime and your child falls asleep soon afterward, check in every few hours to look for twitching limbs or disturbances in colour or breathing. It is ok for your child to go to sleep – there is no need to keep a child awake after a head injury – but you do need to remain vigilant. If you are concerned in any way, wake them to check on them properly.

  • If your child can’t be woken, or they show any symptoms of a brain injury (see below) call an ambulance immediately.

click here to see the full article on their website

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