New Guidance on Childhood Accidents

Public Health England (PHE) has just published a report looking at the long-term implications of preventable accidents for children and their families, along with the financial cost to public services. In order to reduce the number of avoidable accidents occurring in children under five, PHE has worked with the CAPT (Child Accident Prevention Trust) to produce a helpful guide for accident to help identify risk and reduce the number of accidents occurring, particularly in childcare situations.

The guide covers the six most prevalent accidents in under 5s, both for deaths and admissions:

It also covers road accidents and what to do in the event of a fire. The guide is aimed towards child carers, with the intention that they will pass this knowledge on to parents.

Sadly choking, drowning, suffocation and strangulation do not feature as highly in the hospital admissions as the majority of these accidents presenting in hospital, results in a fatality. It is therefore critical that all child carers and those working with children are confident preventing these accidents and also that they are competent administering immediate first aid should an accident happen.

Our latest book Burns, falls and emergency calls works alongside this guidance offering accident prevention and child developmental advice for children from 0-adult, giving clear first aid advice and including checklists for homes and childcare settings to make it easier for everyone to stay one step ahead in preventing such accidents. Burns, falls and emergency calls is available from Amazon, or by contacting

Our website is also packed full of free information on all these topics and there is a free online course covering first aid for a choking adult, baby or child available here.

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