Many people undertake a first aid training course – either because they have to for their work or because they’ve just had a baby and all their friends are doing it.  Almost nobody thinks they’ll ever actually need to use any of the skills they’ve learned – but being called upon to put first aid training into practice is far more common than you might think!

First aid training in out into practice:

There have been several stories in the press recently, outlining just how vital the skills learnt on a first aid course can be.  A Headteacher from Aldershot recently saved the life of one of his pupils, after her heart stopped beating following a febrile convulsion.  He was helped by other members of staff, all of whom had just had their first aid training too.  Their fast actions got the pupil’s heart beating again and she has since made a full recovery.  What an amazing outcome.

A father in the Scottish island of Mull was able to save his 8-month old with chest compressions after the infant stopped breathing and his lips turned blue.   Having just had first aid training specialising in child CPR, the quick-thinking dad knew exactly what to do, getting his son breathing again during the wait for the ambulance.  The baby made a quick recovery to full health, which is fantastic news – but the family are urging others to get trained too, so that they could do the same if they ever found themselves in a similar situation.

A small child choking is often the reason behind first aid skills being called into play – as the mum of a baby in East Anglia found out.  Her first aid training meant she knew how to deliver the back blows needed to dislodge the piece of grape that was blocking the baby’s airway, saving his life.  Luckily, she too had just had first aid training, so was able to remain calm and follow the guidance she’d been given.

But it’s not only parents saving children with their first aid knowledge.  In January this year a nine year old school boy was able to save his dad from choking, having had first aid training at school just 24 hours earlier.  This just goes to show that kids need first aid training too!

Learn first aid yourself:

Here at First Aid for Life, we believe that all first aid training can make a difference.  Not only do we run hands on course, online courses and blended courses – we also have a free online choking course, free e-books and access to a wealth of information about how to keep safe, but also what to do if something does go wrong.

At first Aid for Life we have trained so many people who have gone on to use their skills and save lives. A couple of teenagers particularly inspired us – Gus (who is the inspiration behind First Aid for Pets Imogen who attended our first aid course before leaving on her Gap Year and saved the life of a middle aged man who had somehow fallen into a river. She arrived at the scene to find him faced down in the water but managed to drag him out and performed CPR until the paramedics and ambulance arrived.

“There is no doubt that what she learnt on your course enabled her to act quickly and calmly and resulted in her saving the man’s life. Thank you”

First Aid does save lives

First Aid for Life runs tailored courses for groups and individuals covering first aid for babies, children, adults.

For more information or to book a course, please visit: or contact  0208 675 4036

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