Biker Down – a life-saving initiative from the Fire and Rescue Services, supported by LAS and TFL

Biker Down

On Saturday, as research for my new book on Roadside First Aid, I was privileged to join one of the highly-acclaimed Biker Down courses.

Biker Down is a superb national initiative from the Fire and Rescue Services, initially devised by Kent Fire and Rescue Service  to try and reduce the number of bike fatalities on the road. Biker Down! London courses are supported by both the London Ambulance Service and Transport for London and are run by the London Fire Brigade in order to work hard to educate bike riders to keep themselves safer on the road and how to help if they are involved in or are present at an accident.

Bikes account for only 2.3% of the road distance traffic in London and yet 24% of those killed or seriously injured on the roads. In 2014 there were 526 riders in London alone who died or suffered life changing injuries following a road traffic collision.

The training is clear, helpful and factual; taught by incredibly knowledgeable firefighters and paramedics, who are bikers with first-hand experience of helping in numerous traffic collisions. The course covers how best to help following a road collision, how to give immediate aid and some safer riding tips.

We left this fabulous free course, with a discount voucher for a Metropolitan Police Bike Safe course on advanced bike riding skills and an invaluable, versatile military grade pressure bandage and tough cut scissors as first aid equipment capable of coping with a huge variety of injuries. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Biker down - first aid for bikers

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