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Medical detection dogs, changing illness detection and managementI was extremely honoured  to be invited to learning more about the Medical Detection Dogs and the amazing work that they do.

All illnesses appear to have a specific odour to them that specially trained dogs can sense in minute quantities. They can diagnose cancers, Parkinsons, malaria etc long before any symptoms are likely to show and before any conventional tests would be able to detect them. Not only that, these incredible dogs can help people manage long term conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy, Addisons disease and immediately alert the sufferer if they are about to experience an attack or need to take precautionary measures.

These wonderful animals can sweep a room to detect minute quantities of a potentially fatal allergen.

It really is a win/win situation. The dogs love what they do. They can be trained to detect almost any illness or bacteria. They can work alongside conventional medicine to help detect problems at the earliest possible stage and can then prove themselves invaluable in helping clinicians to manage chronic conditions in adults and children.

This charity has so much potential. They currently have 100 working dogs around the country and a 3 year waiting list.

Please help share this to enable more people to benefit from the incredible benefits of these Medical Detection Dogs.

With Jo MaloneMedical detection dogs, changing illness detection and managementMedical detection dogs, changing illness detection and managementMedical detection dogs, changing illness detection and management

Learn more about their incredible work

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