First Aid for Dog BitesAlthough most dogs are friendly, they will bite if provoked and animal bites are dirty and frequently get infected.

The following information is relevant whether the casualty is another dog or a human:

Bites from animals can be jagged and frequently get infected. If an animal bite has punctured the skin, it is important to wash the wound really well and look out for any signs of infection. It is sensible to get any bite that has punctured the skin looked at by a medical professional. Often the surface of the wound may not look too serious, however the bite can penetrate quite deeply and inject infected matter under the skin. If the wound looks red and becomes inflamed, hot, or angry looking, it is infected and the casualty will need antibiotics.

The initial treatment for a bite is the same as for any other wound, except it is important to wash it thoroughly, if you are not happy doing this consult a medical professional.

  • reassure the casualty
  • wash the wound thoroughly with clean water and antiseptic soap if available
  • apply pressure to stop bleeding
  • be ready to treat for shock.

Note : Outside the UK, if someone is bitten or licked in a wound, it is really important to get medical attention very fast and have anti-rabies medication. It is also important to ensure that the casualty is covered for tetanus.

Dog bites
Dog bite how to help
It is highly recommended that you attend a practical or online First Aid course to learn how to help in a medical emergency

First Aid for life and provides this information for guidance and it is not in any way a substitute for medical advice. First Aid for Life is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made, or actions taken based on this information.  The best way to be prepared for action in an emergency is to attend a practical First Aid course.

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