Joss is a Paramedic – he has worked extensively in the UK and Australia  and was a Paramedic Trainer, teaching and assessing Student Ambulance officers, Paramedics and Volunteer Ambulance officers all across Western Australia.

Following the birth of his first child Lily-Grace in 2012 he returned to the UK.  As all parents know having a baby is a scary business. He now fully understands the anxieties of parents when it comes to their children particularly when it comes to their health. He draws on all of his knowledge and experience as a Paramedic to give insight into any medical issues you may come across as a parent, whilst doing this from a Father’s point of view.

Joss is passionate about First Aid. When attending emergency situations as a Paramedic he has seen the significant difference First Aid has made to the positive outcome of the patient. He has also walked away from jobs realising how different the outcome may have been had some First Aid been administered prior to arriving. In reality there is a period of time before the emergency services arrive that First Aid must be given. Joss will show you how to follow a systematic approach, alleviate your anxiety and use First Aid skills to do the best you can until the Ambulance arrives.

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