First Aid for Life have thousands of extremely happy customers, we have trained; Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Children, Nannies, Child Carers, Maternity Nurses, Childminders,  Sports Professionals, Corporates, Small Businesses, Charities, Groups, Individuals, Celebrities and Royalty and the feedback has bowled us over! Thank you for all the wonderful comments and testimonials, I can’t tell you what it means to us all.

Boris quote (online)“Anything that could help save a life or reduce the severity of an injury should be encouraged and that’s why I fully support First Aid for Life and the tailored training they are offering”

Boris Johnson – Former Mayor of London

We had a training course with Jenny this past week. Jenny and the team at First Aid for Life tailored the course to meet our specific needs of dealing with the complexities of caring for an elderly woman with Parkinsons. The training course with efficient, well managed, and extremely helpful. They came to our home to perform the training so that we didn’t need to worry about using an agency to care for nanna. Would recommend this service to anyone who asked. “

Robert Brooks – Carer

As a practising midwife I have to do a baby resuscitation course every year to keep my skills up. When I did the First Aid for Life Course it was specifically to get some skills for adults needing first aid. What an excellent course it was. Fast, interesting, engaging and fun, and what a lot I learned! I feel very well equipped now, Thank you Emma – it was an excellent Course.

Caroline Flint

“I found your courses really enjoyable and useful.”
Sarah Beeny, Channel 4 Television

Very extensive, informative, practical and enjoyable.

Boo Danby – Bertie and Boo

Over the past 12 years I have attended several first aid courses at The Professional Centre in Tooting through Wandsworth council. I can honestly say your course stands head and shoulders above the rest and I feel I’ve gained more knowledge and practical experience than ever before. The small cosy atmosphere immediately relaxes everyone and your calm, straightforward method of explaining the most important information and taking away the unnecessary extra bits that make it more confusing is very effective.

It is obvious that you absolutely love what you do and that certainly made the course more enjoyable and it was very helpful to hear about your own personal experiences. I was very impressed with the number of manikins you had for us to practice on and the extra time you gave us to practice resuscitation, CPR and choking. Normally you sharing 2 manikins between 15 people and you feel overwhelmed and extra nervous having to do it in front of a large group of strangers.

The handbook is super and very easy to use and so useful for just refreshing your memory and the laminated learning aids were very helpful with key words like RICE which is easy to remember. I’m used to doing a written multiple choice test at the end before receiving my certificate but the scenario cards and practical role play was far more effective.?Thank you for making the course so personal and highlighting the information and additional bits and pieces I would need for my cookery workshops.”
Justine Crean – Yummy cookery classes

“I can’t believe how much I learnt in 3 hours! Loads of hands-on practice. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who would like to be more confident in an emergency. “
Teresa Nicholson, Law Lecturer and parent

“I would not hesitate to recommend the course to my friends – in fact I have already recommended it to the friend I met for lunch immediately after the course, whose baby is due next month. I would also very much like my husband and our parents to do the course. I really cannot recommend the course highly enough, I would urge anyone who has or looks after a child/children to come and see you and your team and learn the skills that could downscale a potential tragedy into something that is simply unpleasant but manageable.”
Sarah Wilder

I work as a Nanny to two small boys, so I understand how important first aid training is!

Last week, at a birthday party, a little girl of 20 months started to choke on some crisps. Her nanny panicked, so I took her and used the technique I had learned from you. Two slaps later and the crisp dislodged.
I am so, so glad that I attended your course! I felt calm in the knowledge that I did know what to do.

When it comes to renewal, myself and some other nannies will definitely be coming to you.

Clair Sturt

On 8 Oct a 71yr Old Man from Northampton collapsed on board the P&O ship Azura hitting his head. I was 10 yds away I went to his aid and saw he was bleeding from a nasty cut I applied a dressing to stem the bleeding,a couple of minutes later his heart & breathing. I applied CPR on the third bout his Heart & Breathing started again. He was dead for about 7 mins but is still alive today 

Maurice Halliday

“What a great course! The pace was good with time to address questions and run through key points. Great to have supportive documents to take away and consolidate learning. Thank you Emma!”
Aoibhinn Wojtowicz

Thank you for the course last night. I have spoken to my fellow cycling instructors and they all really enjoyed the course. Heather said she learnt more from you in 3 hours than the St John Ambulance course she attended over 3 days.
Fred Ellis

“The best First Aid Course I’ve attended – very good teacher who obviously knows her stuff!”
Susi Dale, The Re-Centre Balham

As a hard working Maternity nurse / Post Natal carer. It is not only necessary but Vital I renew my Infant C.P.R skills every 3 years. I attended a Paediatric/first aid for babies course with’ First aid for life’ last November 2011. At that time I came away feeling ‘Empowered’ by my experience, having spent a pleasant 3 hours with Emma who explained in Great detail. Skills, tools and tips needed to aid an infant emergency. Our group was small and friendly and we all interacted well with each other. We all took part in plenty of practice in the procedures being shown.I also was given a manual full of instruction and Top tips on safety at the end of the session. I came away pleased and confident in my skills.

Little did I know it would only be 3 weeks later in a restaurant that I would use them to save the life of an adult stranger having dinner.I wasn’t even supposed to BE at that dinner. I only went at the last minute.

I realised as did many other diners that a woman was choking. I was the ONLY person to get up and run to help her. I had NO hesitation. And performed the Heimlich manoeuvre to dislodge the offending blocked turkey that was obstructing her airway.

Following the event. Many people said they wanted to ‘do something’ but were afraid and waited….. Thanks to Emma’s instructions I knew what to do.

I also enjoy receiving Emma’s tips on dealing with Emergencies via email.Such as how to treat different levels of burns on such an occasion as ‘Fire work’ night. An evening fuelled with potential danger to children.

No matter if you took a First aid course 5-10 or more years ago.

Train again with First Aid for life.

Be Prepared. Your learnt skills could save a life

Susie Wilsher – Maternity Nurse

“Great course, set in a lovely family home, which makes learning easy!”
Phil Rowles – Rugby Tots

“Great confidence building, all round course”
Emma Beckett – Thomas’ School

“Thank you for such an enjoyable first aid course last Wednesday, I learnt a huge amount and now feel more confident having a baby in the house. Thank you also for the first aid kit I purchased from you, I know this will be invaluable in the future.”
Gemma Philipz

“The course last week was, as usual, absolutely excellent. Everyone thought the detailed teaching on the correct recovery position, and the reasons for it, was very useful, and I am sure people will be able to handle situations where there may be neck damage, as your teaching was so clear.”
Sara Farber – Thurleigh Road Medical Practice

“I learnt a lot and hope I don’t have to use it, but I know now if a situation arises I can handle it.”
A. Calus L’Ecole de Benjamins

Dear Emma, You are such a wonderful person and your teaching is one of the best I have enjoyed for years, all courses I have attended have never given me so much knowledge.

I particularly enjoyed this course – much more than I anticipated as it was thoroughly relevant, informative and engaging. It was enlightening to learn that helping and perhaps even saving a person’s life is far easier than I had imagined.
Maja Griffith, Mother of 2 young boys (age 10 months and 4 years)

With next to no knowledge of first aid and a predisposition to fainting at the sight of a scratch the course proved both invaluable and memorable. I hope that I will never have to use any of the things we learned but if it came to it I feel so much more prepared especially for CPR, burns, bleeding, choking and fitting. Thank you.
NCT parent

Dear Emma, we wanted to say how great we thought the course was last Tuesday evening. We’ve both done first aid courses before but not since having our daughter. Doing your course was much more than a refresher for us – it has made us both much more confident that we’d know what to do in an emergency – although obviously we very much hope that we don’t have to use it!
We’ve already been recommending to friends that they go on one of your courses so hopefully lots more people will be learning from you.
Best wishes,
Nicola Sung & Damien Wasylkiw

Emma, I wanted to thank you for a very well structured and extremely useful first aid course last Friday. I have learnt an awful lot and feel that I am now well equipped to act in the event of emergencies. Our group was small enough to allow good interaction and I enjoyed the fact you used real life examples throughout the course.
I would now like my partner to attend one of your courses
Many thanks, Best wishes

I came along to your class at Harrisons on Wednesday night and just wanted to let you know that I thought that it was very useful. Really clear and helpful and I certainly feel a lot more prepared to deal with an emergency that I did before – although obviously hoping that one won’t arise! I was really impressed that it covered such a wide range of situations in which first aid might be needed.
Abigail – Clapham NCT

A big thank you for an excellent course yesterday – I got a great deal out of it. Thanks and best wishes
Vicky Denning

Thorough grounding, friendly atmosphere, professionally taught. Real life situations – makes actions easier to remember.
Scarlet Long

Thank you so much for the class. I found it truly terrifying, but incredibly useful. Your presentation – matter-of-fact, yet with warmth and some humour was a great complement. While it is a lot to take in, I do think it’s given a good foundation with which (with the book) to work upon. I will recommend to my new mommy friends. Thank you.
Sharon Coey

I just wanted to say thank you again for an excellent course last night. We both found it really useful and very reassuring – while we of course hope that we will never have to use any of it (!) I feel far more prepared for any situations that may arise.
You covered everything that I had hoped that you would and having the booklet to take away means that we can review it at our leisure which is really helpful. You also gave us lots to think about as Rowan becomes increasingly active – in particular the idea of having useful phone numbers etc on a card ready for action was simple but great and not something that we would necessarily have thought about doing ourselves. I will certainly be passing your cards around to the rest of my NCT group!
Best wishes and thank you again
Victoria Harris

Overall it was a perfect course, the atmosphere, the venue, the opportunity for us to “add things” to the course that we wanted to know about. I would recommend your course to anyone with confidence.
Many thanks again for the great day.

“Training was – absolutely wonderful, more than worth the money!”
Shobha Singh, Practice Manager, The Franciscan Surgery

“I feel reassured that I now have the knowledge to put things into practice. I felt I could ask any questions – no matter how daft they sounded. I’m going to be encouraging all my friends to attend.”
Victoria Greenyer

“I enjoyed the course very much, there was enough input about everything and I will certainly recommend it to my friends.”
Dr Hossain: Lavender Hill Surgery

One of the best and most informative First Aid Training courses I have participated in in recent years!
Jodie O’Regan,Practice Nurse,Balmuir Gardens Surgery

Very good session once again. I appreciate that you are clear and concise and also take into account the needs of the group.
Dr Toni Tonkin, Lavender Hill Group Practice

“Thank you so much for yet another brilliant and exciting update regarding first aid for life.
Your teaching methods are incredibly fun!!! Always enjoy attending your updates”.
Tina Hourigan, HCA / Student nurse

“Really enjoyed the whole course – excellent! Really clear, great demonstration, good equipment for hands-on work, paced just right. I can’t wait for our next refresher course!”
Morris Tolaram, Sports Teacher

“I thought it was the best First Aid course I have ever done!”
Sarah Crowther, Head – Bumblebee Nursery School

“Every parent and prospective parent should be prepared for an emergency and this course was full of anecdotes to help you remember, what could, one day, save a child’s life.”
Rosie McMellin – Fund Manager and parent

“Great course, set in a lovely family home, which makes learning easy!”
Phil Rowles – Rugby Tots

“You made the course so enjoyable and us so comfortable in your home, we feel very confident in what we have learnt. Your services will be highly recommended and we will definitely come back.”
Tania – Child of London (and parent)

“I have attended many different first aid courses throughout my career and can honestly say that I gained more from 3 hours of your tuition than all of the other courses put together!”
Felicity Petersen – Wimbledon

“Thorough grounding, friendly atmosphere, professionally taught. Real life situations – makes actions easier to remember.”

Scarlet Long

“A fantastic First Aid course that everyone should do in order to be prepared. Very clear and hands-on so you know exactly what you are doing.”
Linda Scott-Clash – student

“Perfect size group, relaxed atmosphere, fabulous teacher.”
Rebecca Kent – Nanny

“I thought it was a fantastic course – very practical and full. You are a great presenter, able to talk about really scary scenarios in a reassuring but clear way. I was also very impressed by your ability to cope with participants’ different requirements from the course. Thank you for a really useful and interesting morning.”

Kate Marriott – antenatal course

“A great course and very informative. I took all the managers from Affleck Property Services on the course and found it extremely useful, teambuilding and informative. Emma was great and I can highly recommend it to everyone.”
Oscar Sangster – Affleck Property Services

“This was for a first aid course that I organised for friends and myself. I have done many first aid courses before and this was the best by far. it was a small group and Jess our first aid trainer was very thorough an made sure we were always comfortable before we moved on to other subjects. We all afterwards were so happy and all walked away with much confidence with First aid. Jess was so lovely and made us all feel so comfortable and I highly recommend Emma’s first Aid courses.”
Laura O’Sullivan – Nanny

“I really enjoyed the course, it was in a relaxed environment and we were all made to feel very welcome. The information itself I found very helpful, I learnt an awful lot and I feel confident that I would be able to apply what I learnt to a situation should it happen (hopefully not). Emma was a great teacher – she was patient and I felt at ease to ask any questions or for any clarifications.”
Lesley Mann

“The course was well organised, comprehensive and good value for money. Emma Hammett instils great confidence. I will approach weaning with less trepidation now”

Nicola Golson

“I attended a first aid course for babies and children. The information was practical and useful and taught in such a way that it helps it to stick in your mind long after the course itself, by using real life scenarios and stories. Emma’s teaching also makes you aware of the emergency scenarios you may face as a parent without alarming and gives you the confidence to deal with these. All in all, a very worthwhile evening and money well spent!”

Emma Sandham

“We found the First Aid for Life course informative and packed with useful life saving info. It had a good balance of theory, practice and was nicely informal so we could ask questions along the way. We really liked how we revisited key life saving points so that they were re-enforced. I feel a great deal more confident now with the knowledge that if something awful happened to our baby, I’d have the ability to respond calmly, swiftly and safely. We appreciated the flexibility to bring our baby to the class as finding a babysitter would have been difficult. Thanks Emma. In the nicest possible way, I hope we never have to use what we learned yesterday!”
Beth Denver

“Very friendly, interactive and professional class. Many thanks.”

James Memmott

 “Did the course to learn about baby and child first aid, in preparation for becoming a mum. It was very practical and comprehensive. Emma is a great presenter, able to talk about really quite scary scenarios in a reassuring but clear way.”

Kate Marriott

“Emma Hammett provided an excellent first aid training for all the practice. She worked flexibly, tailoring the training to all our needs: from receptionist to GP. She involved us without us feeling self- conscious and there was lots of hands on practice. A thoroughly informative and useful training experience which we will definitely continue to use and I would highly recommend to all.”

Henrietta Brook Lavender Hill Group Practice

“My husband and I both found the course extremely useful and found Emma’s explanations very clear and helpful. She was wonderful – very patient and knowledgeable! I thought we covered the most important things in a thorough way, and I’m feeling much more confident going forward… I’d never had any CPR training before at all, so I found the whole course very useful, including the addressing of first aid beyond the baby stage as well. “

Maria Daraban

 “First Aid for Life ran a First Aid course for us specifically for cycling instructors and the injuries they’re likely to deal with. The course covered everything it was expected to and was delivered in a very professional manner.First Aid for Life also provided us with First Aid kits which are packed up very neatly, fit in a relatively small case, and include the basics plus kit relevant to cycling injuries. These packs are great to take out when delivering cycle training.”

Margaret Reinig London Cycling Campaign

My NCT group and I attended a Baby First Aid course which we found absolutely invaluable. Most of our babies are starting on solids and crawling so the advice on choking and common accidents around the house really reassured us. Even better, the instructor came to our house so it was a lovely relaxed atmosphere with cake and coffee and we all came away from the course feeling prepared, with a great book summarising what we learned. You can’t do without the course if you are a new mum –

Angie Elrick

As a therapist who deals with injuries I am required to have a first aid certificate. I have just repeated my training to update my certificate and thoroughly enjoyed the course again. The course is informative and enjoyable. It makes having to take a morning off work thoroughly worthwhile. I particularly recommend the resusitation dolls!

Amanda Hermitage

Emma is such a wonderful instructor. I feel really comfortable with the huge amounts of information that I needed to understand for the course. More to the point, months after finishing I feel very well equipped to handle any emergency that I might be present for.

Claire Roberts – The ReCentre, Balham

We have been recommending our nannies and families use First Aid for life in order to gain first aid knowledge and a certificate, for about 3 years now. We continue to recommend them as the feedback from our clients has been that the course is informative and presented in a clear and helpful manner. We also like the fact that it is aimed at people who are working with or who have young children and babies and it meets the Ofsted first aid requirements. There are lots of course sessions available so it is easy to find one to suit your schedule. People come away feeling confident that they could practically cope should a first aid situation arise. I have heard horror stories from nannies about cheap courses where it is all theory and the students never do any practical work, and come away with a first aid certificate at the end, but first aid for life is strong on practical work and we would recommend as exceptional
Moira Walsh – Fulham Nannies

I use First Aid for Life on a regular basis sending coaches for Paediatric First Aid training. Emma is very professional and organised and will go out of her way to try to fit me in at short notice. Her courses are thorough but relaxed, and she is very welcoming as they are held in her house; I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the area.

Lorna Bellchambers – Rugby Tots

My partner and I took the a first aid course with First Aid for Life as we run a kickboxing school and have to ensure we have the best standard of First Aid training which Emma of First Aid for Life offers. We were also about to become new parents and wanted to make sure we has First Aid training to ensure we are ready to cope with any emergencies that may arise. The course we had was amazing as our trainer Emma was very friendly, understanding, very informative and knowledgeable, as well as allowing customers to cover any aspects they wanted to during the course, which made the course very catered for its audience. Emma also ensured that you were comfortable when carrying out practical, ensuring they were carried out correctly, giving time to re go over if needed. We also got really good reading materials to take away after, which can be used to refresh on the skills we learnt in class. We will certainly be going back to First Aid for Life when we are due to renew our certification, and will be sending all our future instructors there to.
Liz Ferioli – London Warriors

Unlike other courses where you generally watch an instructor demonstrate CPR, there were lots of mannequins in various ages for all of us to practice on. I feel much more confident. Thank you Emma.

Marie Mitchell

Emma was extremely helpful, spoke clearly, made sure everybody understood what she was saying. the course wasn’t boring at all. Loved it, will be back in 3 years – can’t wait!

Ivana Pobisova

Informative and presented in a simple and logical order and for the first time I was able to retain the information.
Absa Dowlut

I just wanted to thank you for an exceptionally good course this morning. I got so much out of it that I have already begun promoting with all my friends.

Louise Bennett

Thanks very much for the course today. As far as I was concerned it was just what I needed for Playgroup, plus a bit more. 

– the pace was right for me, and the content was perfect

– I was especially interested in the bit about defibrillators as I knew nothing about them at all, also obviously the baby/child elements from a work point of view but also the adult element as I guess that’s where you are most likely to encounter a situation in day-to-day life

– I felt you fitted a huge amount of information into three hours which was great

The only downside is that I’m now slightly hoping that someone will fall off something so I can rush to the rescue!!!

Alison Buchanan

Baby First Aid Course – a must for any new mum!

I can’t rate this course highly enough! First Aid for Life organised for an instructor to come to my house and a group of my NCT friends and I undertook a 3 hour course where we learnt all about the most common accidents and emergency situations concerning young children. We all found the course absolutely invaluable and feel so much more prepared and confident, especially now our little ones are starting to crawl and eat finger foods. A definite must do if you are a new mum!

Angie E

Jess was a fantastic teacher & managed to make learning the serious business of first aid enjoyable & fun.

We both came away from the evening feeling well prepared & much more confident in skills that could be used not only for little people but adults also  – a real bonus!

Thanks for arranging this for us – we’re so glad we attended (although hoping we’ll never have to use our new skills!!)

Ben and Ruth Geach

Just to say I have completed the course  today with Jess and It was brilliant!I will definitevely recommend it to my friends, I feel much more confident about the first aid stuff , I may even consider to be a First Aider in my free time!

Monika Mikczynska

Very thoroughand hands-on. Lots of practical solutions.

Emma Willetts – Putney Day School Trust

I am so glad I was able to attend this course it was well presented, informative and fun.

Ro – Pacca

Very beneficial, I feel this course should be compulsory for parents.

Selina Greene TMO board member

I just wanted to drop you an email to say “thank you” for the life support training last week.  It was very useful and you made the session interesting and interactive.  The use of anecdotes helps to remember certain key messages which you did really well. With best wishes,

Dr Shazia Ovaisi
GP at Thurleigh Road Practice, Balham

Thanks again for an excellent teaching session on Wednesday 7th March at our Practice Lavender Hill.

Nurse Anjana Verma

Thank you for allowing me to come along to the training today at such short notice. I learnt so much and found it very informative and useful.  Your depth of knowledge and the illustration used exceeded my expectation.  Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Denise Cooke – aerobics teacher

Just to say a big thank you for yesterday on behalf of all of us who attended the training session.  It was very informative and interesting.

Karen PacePractice Manager
The Earlsfield Practice

I just wanted to say a big thanks for the course this morning – I got so much out of it and really enjoyed it. Thank you. I walked out feeling much more confident about how to deal with first aid issues. I was telling my husband all about it this afternoon and we think it would be great for him to attend the same course. Many thanks,

Anna Turnbull

Hi Emma, just thought i would leave you some feedback from the 1st aid course i attended on 17th March. It was excellent! Jess explained things very well and clearly and made us very comfortable in her home. I definitely feel confident enough to know what to do in an emergency which I’ve never felt in previous 1st aid courses. Also i think it’s great that the groups are kept small!  Thank you once again!

Cindy Falzon

The practical aspect helped things sink in. Very positive, easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable to ask questions. Thank you

Juliana D’Aliosio

Westminster Cathedral School

This was the best and most informative first aid course that I have ever done. I loved being in someone’s home, it made everything more personal and relaxed, meaning that I feel that I learnt more. Thank you.
Leonie Green

As a 40 year old and very conscientious nanny I was reassured that you didn’t let the Childminder leave when she showed that she struggled with the situations and you spent extra time with her to make sure she got it right. Babies and children are left with us and so I am glad you take your job seriously. See you in 3 years.


Emma, thank you so much for your course. It was great to cover all the basics of first aid for babies and children in just three hours in the comfort of a friend’s home. I now feel much more confident about my ability to handle a medical emergency and I highly recommend your course to all new parents. Cheers,

Dear Emma course was excellent, pitched at exactly the right level and everyone found if very useful. Thank you very much

Down to earth, no nonsense course that addressed all the major issues. No one was ever made to feel stupid and it was actually fun!
Brigid Gardner

The Paediatric course was really thorough and Emma was really knowledgeable and patient.
Tracy Milne

Very relaxed, friendly teacher and group and lots of fun!
Zoë Norris (Early Years course)

I really enjoyed the intimate feeling and the settings – your lovely house and the fact that the course is one day instead of two with instant certificates – exactly great!
Maya Mozal – Paediatric course fulfilling Ofsted criteria

Hi Emma,
I just want to thank Jess for welcoming me and the other girls into her home and providing us with tea/coffee and biscuits during our First Aid course.Jess was so considerate and caring towards everybody’s needs, I never felt so comfortable and confident in a strange environment before and Jess made each of feel special we all left feeling so good at the end of the course.
THANKS JESS!! Keep up your great work. 

Maryann Anandarajah

Thank you for taking such good care of Ewelina, she was / is sooo happy she passed and thought the day was great. Thank you again

A Fantastic course, I feel so much more confident than I ever have with any other first aid course I have attended.

Aimee Craft – Monkey Music

Perfect size group, relaxed atmosphere, fabulous teacher!

Rebecca Kent – Nanny

Thank you so much for Friday it was a really useful course and i felt like i learnt an awful lot which i hope i won’t put into practise that often. Thank you again. Kind Regard,

Mny thx for the really excellent 1st aid course last night – it was extremely informative and I went home and immediately lifted those pesky dishwasher tablets out of reach………….

Had a great day. Emma was very helpful and informative. Recommend highly

Bec Clarke – Nanny

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, a very comfortable and relaxed environment to spend the day. The atmosphere was easy going too. More practical element makes it more interesting to learn.

Ada Ma

Very interesting, taught well, easy to understand

Melissa Robertson – Oliver House Preparatory

It was great the way you related the First Aid to Anatomy and Physiology so you can understand what is going on in the body and I loved the way you used the real life incidents to illustrate the points.

Jenny Travell – Massage therapist

I was very pleased with the course content and how it was delivered. The teacher was very welcoming and extremely well resourced. A fantastic first aid course that I would recommend to others.

Ashleigh Wild

I thought Emma was excellent, went at a really good pace, explained things really clearly and made things very relevant for parents of young children. It was well worth the money and I feel much more confident that I would be able to cope in an emergency. And she was very patient given that she was faced with 8 mothers and 8 babies in a relatively confined space!

Sally Arnold – bespoke group babies course

Emma delivered the course in a really interesting friendly way. It was in no way intimidating or scary. The time passed very quickly because the day was so informative.

Annabelle Dare – Mousehouse Nursery

The course was excellent and brilliantly presented by Sam. He was very thorough and clearly very knowledgable. He was also flexible on that he answered many random questions on everything from asthma to epi-pens. I also thought the fridge reminders and booklet were really useful. All the participants said they were really pleased to come and most said their partners would also be interested, so I am hoping to arrange another one later in the year.

Kate Wesseldine – First Aid for babies and toddlers

I attended the Paediatric first aid course on Saturday and just wanted to give some feedback. First of all the venue was great, Jess’s flat provides a very novel and interesting place to learn and being so central in Westminster was great. Jess was lovely, so friendly, relaxed and welcoming which made for an enjoyable and informative day THANKS !!

Jeanette Calvert – Paediatric course covering Ofsted syllabus

I would like to say that Glenn was fabulous. We were running 30mins late starting and he was very relaxed and pragmatic about it. He also tolerated our constant interruptions and questions and never made us feel like we were asking a silly question or wasting him time. I will definitely be recommending to friends.

Paula Box

A fun and informative session which I think I will actually be able to remember!

Francesca McKenzie – Oakfield Preparatory School

Jess made everyone in the group feel at ease and comfortable, she encouraged us to ask as many questions as we needed to while stressing that no question was a silly one. I thought she was a fantastic tutor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend First Aid for Life to anyone.

Tanya Bryant – Paediatric course covering the full Ofsted syllabus

Thank you very much for hosting the ‘First Aid Course for Babies’ today. It was so informative and useful. It was also great to cover all the different issues within the 3 hour window and everything was presented very well.
It was certainly a good first aid refresher for me and I do feel a bit better prepared in case something happens.
Thank you also for your advice on attending the Paediatric First Aid course. Once our baby is born and we are settled in at home I would definitively like to attend one of these courses.

Michaela – NCT First Aid for babies course

Emma, thank you for a fantastic morning, you were very accomodating, friendly and helpful.

The atmosphere was relaxed and an easy enviroment to learn in regardless of the mixture of people.

I found the course to the point and very easy to understand, hoping I don’t have to put this into use too often but feel I am well equipped should the need arise.

Many thanks again

Sam Mayne – Tri-Adventure company

Many thanks for a wonderful course. Geraldine was very knowledgable whilst also keeping the mood light. All of my NCT group were agreed that it was very useful and I certainly feel more confident to face an emergency, God forbid should any arise!

Lorna Halliday

Emma’s direct and engaging style makes it easy to learn and leaves you feeling confident you will be able to apply what you have learned.

Julia Crabtree – Accordance Plus

You share the depth of your knowledge and experience in a clear way. Fun whilst never underestimating the seriousness of what we are learning. Thank you

Val Archer – Family School

A very useful, informative course, not too frightening. I feel that I will be better informed and equipped to deal with any situation that was mentioned today.

Charlotte – Nanny

A very dynamic teacher made the subject very relevant to everyday situations, her passion came across strongly. The best First Aid course I have done.

Patricia Sheridan

This was the best course I have attended

Mary Hartigan – Draycott Nursing Services

Made to feel very comfortable. something every person should be taught, great teacher!

Sharon Scott – Nanny

The first topic you talked about amazed me and I said to myself how glad I was that I attended this course. Everything was really good and useful. Emma you are really brilliant and so friendly you made sure I wasn’t ashamed to join in.

Remedios Sheldrake – Nanny

I am so happy that I’ve done this course. Emma explained everything to us very carefully so we understood everything.

Vanya Apostolova

Had a great time, learnt lots and enjoyed the day


I definitely feel more confident about what to do for an emergency – it really is empowering and I’ve realised that what I have learnt today applies to all areas of my life, outside work. Thank you for a very informative session.

Fran Lawton

You were great, enjoyed every minute of it.

Varsha Odedra

Thank you very much. The course was extremely useful. It was really to the point unlike others I’ve been to.

Reyes Lora – Fashion Awareness Direct

The course was very thorough and informative and also very good value 

Joanne Matthews – Fashion Awareness Direct

An excellent First Aid course. Very detailed and useful information for school and general usage.

Micaela Facino

Excellent delivery. I feel much more prepared for any playground eventuality.

Kirsty Cubblesly – Oakfield Preparatory School

A fantastic hands on course. I now fell confident on my administration of First Aid

Sue Holland – Hurlingham School

Great course with a good mix of theory and practical with good life examples

Viki Gillet – Thomas’s School

Very useful practical advice that gave confidence in how to deal with situations.

Joanna Copland – Thomas School

Great course, very informative, well paced and covered everything we wanted

Theo Theophaous – Broomwood School

Everybody should attend a course like this as part of citizen’s duty. Simple steps, easy to learn that can save lives.

Dr Akinseye

Teacher gets to the point, no hanging around, very cosy and friendly, really enjoyed it! All done in one day FAB!!

Angie Doughty

An enjoyable way to learn a lot of information that will stick! Has made me feel really confident to deliver First Aid.

Sarah Goodall

This course is fantastic, easy to get to, friendly instructor, very helpful.

Samantha Short

Interesting and fun. Small groups made it a very intimate experience and made me confident to voice my opinions and thoughts.

Christine Setford

Extremely good, very thorough and informative, good value for money!

Claire Caulfield

Everything was great! Relaxed and comfortable, you are a very good teacher – so knowledgeable – I will come back!

Nathalie Vin

Wasn’t sure about doing an intensive course as I had previously done a course over a few weeks 2 hours at a time, but I didn’t have to worry. Teacher was engaging and a combination of video, practical and talking was ideal. Would definitely recommend.

Janice Griffiths – Nanny

I really liked the test and the practical with the mannequins. I found it a good way to consolidate the learning. It was targeted to my needs and I felt fully included in the lesson.

Manuela – Nanny

Really impressed with Emma. She made us feel so welcome and comfortable so I felt at home. But so informative and really enjoyable. Loved the practical side of it and feel confident leaving. Emma was brilliant and so knowledgeable.

Gabrielle Khan

The course was great, really practical and to the point, and the step by step scenarios you gave were particularly useful.  I like the way you reiterated everything and checked our understanding (esp as my brain is very sleep deprived so not functioning very well). Although it is horrible to think that something might happen to your child, knowledge is power and I feel a lot more confident in my ability to react calmly and respond quickly.

The booklet that came with the course is very user friendly (just reading it now!). I love the flow chart on the back of your course flier.

Thanks v much

Kathy Langhorne
I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the excellent first aid course. Glenn was great, very personable and really knowledgeable. Roda also did a great job with the babies and made a real difference for those mums that used her support!
 The course content, pace and delivery was just what we were after. Fingers crossed we don’t need to use it.
I will recommend your course to other mums.

Bernice Hewson

I would like to thank you for making me feel welcome today at the course and for your kind host at your home. 

Also I was more than happy to vote for you. I believe to be passionate about things we do in life makes us really good at it and it was clear you like what you do. I will be happy to recommend you to my friends in the future.

Wish you all the best,


Hi there just a quick note to say thankyou to Glenn for our training yesterday. It was really good and Glenn was great, dealing with clucking new mums and noisey babies brilliantly. Many thanks, I shall definitely be recommending this to other friends.

Best wishes, toria – bespoke course

I would like to tell you how pleased I am about today’s course. It was well structured, very informative and there was plenty of time to ask question or go over things. Being a small group was a blessing.  

Jess was great, she has not only the knowledge on the subject but also a way of expressing herself that is very easy to follow, even if English is not my first language. Her passion for her job shines through and she is very inspiring. She made me feel welcome and at ease so that when it came to ask something I was not in the least intimidated. I am certain that I got the most of it and what I learned will stay with me; although I hope not to have to use some of the techniques..

 I am happy to recommend your course at every opportunity.

Kind regards,

Serena Murachelli

Just to say thank you for yesterdays course.  I appreciated you making the time to answer all my questions and found the format and location very user friendly.  You fitted in a lot of very useful information in a short amount of time, helping to both refresh and update my first aid knowledge. An invaluable course both in respect to teaching a contact sport as well as being a mother of a boisterous, tree climbing boy!

Many thanks

Sam Haynes – Karate Coach

A fantastic and Informative day. I feel better equipped to deal with terrifying scenarios!

Camille Bonham – Putney High School

Very clear knowledgeable advice made you think WHY you do certain things.

J Janssen – Bertrum School

Fantastic course, tailor made & completely specific to our first aid needs

Lauren Hopkins – Thomas’s School

I just wanted to say how good I thought the course was today. Jess was so welcoming to her lovely flat and the course was hugely informative and fun too. She struck just the right note too, in accepting all our questions! I learned loads and feel much more confident about dealing with any potential accidents.  I would happily recommend your company to anyone that asks.

Fiona Trainor

The course was excellent on Saturday, Jess did a brilliant job!

Dr Helen Brooks

please pass on our thanks we thought the training was really good, the delivery was brilliant and made everyone feel at ease and in a way that was really quick for us to pick up. I will def recommend to anyone looking for training on first aid it was invaluable!!!

Tash Berry

I would like to say thank you on behalf of the NCT group and me for the first aid talk done by Jess on Sat 17 Nov.

I think we all feel a bit more confident in how to approach an emergency situation. Jess was great and very approachable with regard to questions and queries that we had.

Dr Sara musawi

It was a great course – thank you. I’ve had messages today from all the friends who came along: they all really enjoyed it and found it really useful. We had a mix of pregnant friends plus those of us with babies, and the course suited us all. Sam was great – he pitched the material perfectly and managed to fit a huge amount in. Thank you very much!



Thanks for the course last night, it was excellent. Geraldine is a fantastic trainer. Could you let me know Jan/ Feb dates that Geraldine will be doing and I will book my husband on the course


Thanks Emma. Geraldine was brilliant and thorough and everyone gave really positive reviews.  Please thank her for us.

Carrie Rodarte

I just wanted to let you know that during the first break I was speaking to some of the learners (and have spoken to more since) and I have received very positive feedback about Sam as a trainer – this was the feedback I received from the first group we set up also. I just wanted to let you know some of the comments I heard were that Sam makes the training, fun, easily understandable and relaxed and some even said they have never had a better trainer – especially for first aid!!

Westminster Council 12 hour Paediatric course for Childminders

Needing to update my CPR for appraisal and feeling a bit jaded about going on yet another course, I attended one of Emma\’s courses at a local GP surgery. Not only did I learn plenty that I didn\’t already know, I came away feeling positively inspired ( and more confident in dealing with emergencies!) Emma was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and brought CPR to life! Using vignettes of real life situations, it helped to explain why we do what we do in CPR rather than just the usual list of instructions. Brilliant. I\’ve recommended her to several other places already.

Thank you for these newsletters.  Just a quick email from me to say how much they helped me last week.My son suffered an acute allergic reaction last week, to what we are still unsure.  The newsletter on allergic reactions with pictures you sent through immediately came to my mind when I saw his face, eyes and lips swelling so we wasted no time and took him straight to A&E. I am pleased to say that he is much recovered now. With thanks again and kind regards,

Alex Sayers


“I found this 3-hour introduction to First aid really useful and enjoyable.  The emphasis for this particular group of participants was on First Aid for babies and children, which was exactly what I had wanted, as I am currently pregnant.  However, the teacher also explained how each first aid technique would be adapted for adults.  The teacher was very friendly and reassuring and explained each emergency situation and the relevant first aid solution very clearly and logically.  The atmosphere in the room was relaxed and welcoming: the small group size meant that each participant’s individual queries could be dealt with and the teacher could oversee each participant’s practical work.  The balance of theory and practice in the session was very good, with an opportunity for us all to practise each safety strategy learnt immediately, on various dummies.   After the class, we were each given a detailed booklet on first aid to take away, which was a great way to reinforce what we’d learned, and which gave us the security to know we’d be able to remind ourselves in the future how to handle any emergency situations.  I would highly recommend that any parents or prospective parents attend one of these ‘First Aid for Life’ courses.”

Signed: Anouke Bokkerink Date: 21st December 2012

My husband and I attended one of your courses this morning at a friend’s house on Allfarthing Lane, run by Sam.I am writing to say how much we all benefited from it and to let you know how brilliant Sam was in taking the course. He was informative, funny, easy to understand and very thorough. It was a really excellent morning.  Please pass on our thanks to Sam. Many thanks

Katie Bishop

I attended a Paediatric First Aid Course back in December 2010. I work as a Nanny to two small boys, so I understand how important first aid training is!

Last week, at a birthday party, a little girl of 20 months started to choke on some crisps. Her nanny panicked, so I took her and used the technique I had learned from you. Two slaps later and the crisp dislodged.
I am so, so glad that I attended your course! I felt calm in the knowledge that I did know what to do.

When it comes to renewal, myself and some other nannies will definitely be coming to you.

Clair Sturt

please pass on our thanks we thought the training was really good, the delivery was brilliant and made everyone feel at ease and in a way that was really quick for us to pick up. I will def recommend to anyone looking for training on first aid it was invaluable!!!

Tash Berry – First Aid for Babies and Toddlers

Thank you for these newsletters.  Just a quick email from me to say how much they helped me last week. My son suffered an acute allergic reaction last week, to what we are still unsure.  The newsletter on allergic reactions with pictures you sent through immediately came to my mind when I saw his face, eyes and lips swelling so we wasted no time and took him straight to A&E. I am pleased to say that he is much recovered now.

Alex Sayers

Sam was an excellent trainer and the three hours rushed by.  More importantly, confidence levels are significantly higher and all said how much they enjoyed the course.  I will have no hesitation in booking further courses with you and recommending you to others.

Gail Caddy Beckenham Rugby Club

On the way back to my surgery after my annual refresher course from Emma, I came across a cyclist who had been knocked off his bike.  Although he was conscious so didn’t need top end resuscitation, I felt empowered to order him, and the bystanders, around until the ambulance came.  It was invaluable to feel so confident about managing the situation.  

Dr Helen Lucas – GP in Battersea

I found the course excellent. It was a very rapid run through of all the key emergency situations you could come across, with real -life examples to help you remember the different techniques of what to do.

There are so many simple things that we can all do to help someone in an emergency which could make the difference between life and death, and it’s fantastic to feel confident to know what to you.

Thanks so much and I’ll be sure to mention it to my mums-to-be and friends who need a refresher. 

Eilish Saba – The Baby Care Company

I thought it was the most useful and interesting Saturday morning I’ve spent in ages. And I do have a good life! Best wishes for continued success.

Margaret Morrison

Thanks so much to you and Jess for a wonderful course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away the most confident I have ever been following a first aid course.

Heidi Sanders

My mum came to me just last night, unable to talk and I remembered that it was a sign of choking. A sharp blow to her back sorted her out. 

Thank you so much!


I am now an NCT postnatal group leader and always recommend your courses to the mums on my courses!

I attended the course for personal rather than professional reasons – as my kids are now 4 & 7 I wanted to find out about things like burns and drowning. I really enjoyed the course and thought that Jess was an excellent teacher who explained things very clearly. It was good to get the chance to practise as well as to have lots of time to ask questions, both of which I found really useful. 

Alex Bollen

Thank you for a great course today.  I have been thinking about the day and what I learned.  I think one thing that was very useful was using real cases we have all read about and related to; and using the mistakes or correct/incorrect procedures used to save or attempt to save lives.  Making it easier to remember procedures and applications.  I think your teaching method was approachable and friendly and the whole experience from initial interest to this request for feedback has been all very communicative and professional.  I will send many colleagues your way!

Jenny – Pilates for Posture

I wasn’t sure whether I should go to St John Ambulance or the Red Cross, but then I came across this course – great value for money and really informative. It is a real bonus that Emma can gear it more towards specific needs.

Amy Allen

I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the first aid course last Saturday – we find ourselves talking about it constantly!   Your natural teaching skills and enthusiasm made it informative and fun and you have dispelled the doubts and fears that could enter one’s the mind when someone’s life is in your care.  Thank you for putting us right regarding the myths and old wives tales that are drummed in to us when young e.g. tongue swallowing and “buttering burns”.  Thanks to you, we feel confident that we could help in an emergency instead of standing about,  waiting for the ambulance.

Alma and Hugh Lloyd.

I just attended a first aid course by jess and wanted to say thank you so much, I found the course very good, I would say it is one of the best courses I have done and I have done many as I have been a nanny for 18 years. The course was simple and uncomplicated covering vital life saving first aid which can be so much easier to remember and retain. Jesse was very welcoming, understanding and considerate to everyone in the group. Her style of teaching was easy to listen to and easy to understand and it was delivered in a fun and relaxed way. 

Joanna Smith, Head of Nabasa Trust

I attended the Ofsted approved paediatric first aid course with Emma today. I have attended many first aid courses over the years but this was my first for 5 years. The course was an intimate size and held in Emma’s family home. We were made to feel welcome and to help ourselves to drinks during the day.Emma is clearly a very knowledgeable and experienced nurse and first aider. This came across in her confident delivery and  up to date and accurate information.  She was able to teach an intensive course with no prompting from teaching materials and able to answer easily  all questions that were put to her. I feel much more confident in my first aid skills after today, I realise how much I have forgotten and this has inspired me to drag out my learning material and refresh myself further.

Georgina Holt

Jess was friendly, approachable and professional and I couldn’t think of a better person to be teaching infant first aid. With her maternal, tactile nature, I have no doubt that she makes a superb nurse! Thank you again- well worth every penny and feel much more prepared for an emergency now.

Karen Chamberlain and friends

All the guys thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very useful, their feedback was excellent.

Antic Pubs – pub staff and construction team

I wanted to write and thank you and Jess for the great training course Simon, Jack and I attended this morning. I thought Jess was an excellent trainer – getting key points across clearly and making it interesting and engaging. She also made us feel very relaxed about having Jack with us and was very welcoming.I would really recommend to friends.

Alice Bradford

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the session with Jenny – we all feel super confident now with our little ones… I will be highly recommending your courses to all my new mummy friends ( and their partners) 

Maddy Randall

Hi Emma,

I wanted to write to thank you again for organising today’s First Aid course for us.  Joss was a fabulous instructor communicating critical information in a clear, simple and memorable way.  I very much hope none of us ever need to put what we learned into practice but should the need arise we are certainly well prepared.  Thank you again.

Zoe Attenborough

The session was really good. It was pitched just right, was in a nice comfortable location and Jess was an excellent tutor. We learnt a lot and feel much more confident about what to do in a medical emergency.

Edd Wilson

On the way back to my surgery after my annual refresher course from Emma, I came across a cyclist who had been knocked off his bike.  Although he was conscious so didn’t need top end resuscitation, I felt empowered to order him, and the bystanders, around until the ambulance came.  It was invaluable to feel so confident about managing the situation.

Helen Lucas

It was absolutely brilliant and by far the best first aid training uh have received. Jenny was excellent and very clear in her teaching and attentive to all our questions and concerns. I feel confident that I would know what to do in an emergency and that I took in almost all of the information which is unusual when you consider you only have three hours to absorb it.

Sophie Cook

Just to say we both found the First Aid course in Balham on 4th August really excellent.

The venue, and the number of participants were very good.

The instructor was brilliant, giving us an enormous amount of useful and interesting detail, plus good time to practice.

It is the best course we have been on, and we would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

Frederica and Paul Crane

On the 1st September Glenn from First Aid for Life came to our school to give a First Aid course.   He did a 3 hour morning session and another one in the afternoon, to those who have had more experience regarding first aid.    The feedback was really amazing, from people in both groups.   Our Headmaster said that he was very happy to use them in the future!    Glenn was a combination of good hands on training, up to date information,  with a sense of humour, which when you are trying to remember and concentrate on learning something important is always good! We whole heartedly recommend First Aid for Life.

Christine Santos, Lyndhurst House School

I keep meaning to send you feedback about the first aid course on Saturday 20th September with Jess in Westminster.  It was absolutely fantastic, the best first aid course I’ve been on.  Jess was great and the course material was very good too.  I’d definitely recommend first aid for life courses to other people.

Jo Smith

My fourteen year old son Gus returned home after a 4 hour training session with ‘First Aid for Life’ in time to join a birthday party for his younger cousin and witness the blowing out of candles on the shop bought caterpillar cake.  The arguing had already begun about who would eat the large, thick, chocolate face of the caterpillar, (an annual battle on this date).  A slip of the knife and said chocolate face landed on the kitchen floor where it was speedily ingested by our greedy and much loved pug, Euston.  (He could not believe his luck!)  No more notice was taken and we continued serving cake.  Euston seemed quiet and then suddenly keeled over, lay still (very still!) with his legs in the air.  There was no doubt that the Pug was in very serious trouble.

Gus leapt into action, his exact words ‘Don’t laugh, but I have just been taught what to do!  I will treat him as a baby, 0-6 months old!!!’   He picked up the dog, held him at an angle with one hand under the dogs chin, squeezed him and out popped the chocolate caterpillar face in one piece!

There was a stunned silence then the dog took a huge breath and got to his feet!

Gus’ confidence and speedy response saved a life.  (all be it canine).

Through tears of laughter and relief, I realised that of all the learning and training we have put poor Gus through in his 14 years, the ‘First Aid for Life’ course was, without doubt, the most useful…… so far 

Huge thanks from the Flind family.

Since this incident Gus has tended to a few minor sports injuries and helped to put a man into the recovery position at a London tube station………..we are fully expecting him to ask for a uniform in the not too distant future!!!!!!

Sarah Flind

Thank you for these newsletters.  Just a quick email from me to say how much they helped me last week.

My son suffered an acute allergic reaction last week, to what we are still unsure.  The newsletter on allergic reactions with pictures you sent through immediately came to my mind when I saw his face, eyes and lips swelling so we wasted no time and took him straight to A&E.

I am pleased to say that he is much recovered now.

Alex Sayers

I attended your Emergency First Aid course run by Jess on Saturday and I wanted to pass on my uttermost thanks for the confidence and reassurance she gave me to step forward today when a man collapsed in the the street. I had to do CPR on him and unfortunately I don’t know the result as another more experienced first aider came on the scene, followed by paramedics. I don’t think it was looking good when I was asked to leave the area, the defib was being used.
Anyhow I simply wanted to pass on my sincereest thanks to Jess for helping me to help him as much as I could and while I hope to never have to do through it again, I am so grateful for the skills I was given.
Please pass this on to her at your earliest convenience.
Yours gratefully and truly thankfully,

Caroline Hoskins

The three-hour Emergency First Aid course had everything you could want from an introductory first aid course: demonstrations and practice of how to deal with all common (and some less common) emergency situations, thorough explanations and opportunities for questions, and the option to personalise the course content to individual needs. Our instructor, Jess, was very friendly and enthusiastic; our three hours passed by and even ran over a little in a blink! There was a good level of repetition, so although we covered a lot of scenarios and the pace was fast, it didn’t feel rushed. I had never attended a first aid course before, but I enjoyed this one very much and would recommend it to anyone. I now feel confident that if I were faced with a situation requiring first aid, I could handle it well. The free booklet given out at the end (with pictures and descriptions of all the first aid covered by the course) was an appreciated and useful extra. Also, I was impressed by the quick and helpful email correspondence with the central office prior to attending the course. I have nothing to criticise about any aspect of the experience. In short, book your place now!

Thank you for sending those articles, and thanks to Jess for an excellent course – it was worth the trek to London in the early morning. I hope to see her again for a refresher course


Thank you very much to Jenny and First Aid for Life. I’ve had several members of staff comment today on just how much they enjoyed the course and found it useful. We would happily recommend it to others in the borough and look forward to having you back again in the future.

 Many thanks, Heena

I just wanted to let you know that everyone who attended the first aid training today was very impressed with Sam. He was very informative and an excellent teacher whilst keeping the atmosphere light and using plenty of  humour to keep us all engaged. 

The time flew by and now everyone is chatting about what they’ve learned and how much better this was than training they’ve had in the past.

Really exceptional. Thank you so much!

Susi Dale Re-Centre Balham

I would like to thank you for the excellent service we have received from First Aid for Life, throughout the process of organising our training session.

I also wanted to pass on my thanks to Jenny for the fantastic training she delivered yesterday. Unfortunately, I was only there for the beginning and end of the session. However, from what I did see the training was detailed, thorough and engaging. She had a good rapport with the participants and I have received excellent feedback from them. They enjoyed the day immensely and were very impressed by the standard of the training.

On an additional note, one of the participants has recommended the training to his work colleagues and was hoping to be able to book some training, specifically with Jenny. Would this be a possibility and could I pass him your details, to get in touch?

We look forward to working with you in the future.

Grace Perrett | Cycling Projects Officer

Cycling Projects Team

London Cycling Campaign

 I just wanted to reinforce that yesterday’s first aid course was the best I’ve been on.  Dan pitched it to us in a funny, relaxed way but with real knowledge and empathy.  He’s a true ambassador for your company. 

Now just have to hope I never have to put any of it into practice but, if I do, he’s given me the skills and, more importantly, the courage to give it a real go.

Julie Walmsley

PA/Dr Nicola Jones, Chair

Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group

Thank you VERY much for the fantastic course – our trainer was amazing – very clear, kept us unruly bunch on task and put up with me squirming on the sofa (I don’t like blood).  Couldn’t recommend you more highly and will use you again. 

Louise Krupski Monkey Music

I just wanted to say how incredibly useful our course was today.  Please could you say a huge thank you to Andy for teaching us so much in such a short time and making us aware of the risks to our little ones but also making us laugh so we didn’t freak out (too much)!
We really enjoyed your course and found it so helpful! We all have 7 month old babies (our first children) and I thought that I would be more paranoid after the course but it actually made me calmer about things that could go wrong and gave me confidence in dealing with them. Thank you!
Erin Faure
I just wanted to say thank you guys for a well run course. It was very beneficial for me and has now helped me to start work. Keep up the great work and I will come to see you guys soon to pick up a 1st aid box
Kevin Hodges
Just wanted to say, thank you for an amazing morning, – Jenny was SUPERB. i learnt so much and feel so much more confident now.  Thank you!!
Lee Festival
I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed the course on Saturday morning with Sam. He was a fantastic trainer – full of knowledge and interesting facts! Feedback from the other mums and dads in the group was that it’s given them more confidence if an emergency with their baby arises. Please pass on our thanks to Sam and tell him we thought he was very knowledgable and delivered the material in an entertaining and enjoyable way. We are all very pleased we attended!
Philippa Shugg

I came to the Paed first aid course last Friday and wanted to email you to say how great it was.  Jenny is a great teacher and the content was spot on.  I have done a few first aid courses over the years and this was by far the best.  I have since recommended it to a few people including my husband who is going to send some of his staff in the near future.

Sam Perkins

It’s a fantastic kit – completely comprehensive and well put together and the carrying bag makes it really easy to use when we go away.  My last kit has been well used on lots of minor occasions but really proved its worth when my son badly cut his foot on a razor shell on a beach in France (now I know exactly why they are called raxor shells!)  I can now retire the odd bits in tatty bag that i have been carrying around in favour of this new kit.
Kim Dewdney
Hi, my name is Holimalala Daniella, I come from Madagascar. I’m a doctor and work in a small NGO in my country. I received the CPR poster and I wanna thank you very much, it is really usefull for us because in our NGO we have the goals to spread first aid  knowledge all over the country. Here in Madagascar, Malagasy people do not have any knowledge about first aid so we start to teach and train people about basic first aid. We do the training for free in general but sometimes when people can give money they give us for the functionning of the NGO. I just wanna share you that, because I know that in your country First aid is priority and we wanna take you as a model. 
Absolutely essential for all parents, our course from First Aid for Life was awesome! Enjoyable, engaging and utterly invaluable. We all feel skilled-up, confident and ready to help – now in the diary as an annual event.
Caprice Bourret  Super Model and Mother to two gorgeous little boys
Jenny , who ran our First Aid course yesterday, was truly inspirational! Her delivery was perfectly pitched; she was professional, approachable, inexhaustibly knowledgeable – and tireless in her ability to make what could ordinarily be a bit of a dry topic into an oasis of exciting information. Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend the course.

x Cheryl

I just wanted to write to say thank you. Dan was absolutely amazing. We all had a great time and learnt so much! Very helpful indeed and beautifully lead course!
Clare Fettarappa Bikram  Yoga
I just want to say thank you so much for the session today. I learnt so much and have been revising from memory everything I learnt today to my partner who has happily listened to me (even though he is a health professional and already knows it all already). I was a bit nervous as I haven’t been in a learning environment for years and I was very happy with the course.
Monique Gordon
We really enjoyed the course and everyone in the group agrees that the trainer was excellent – extremely clear, knowledgeable and funny.  We had someone with hearing impairement attend and he made it very easy for her to follow too.
A huge thank you for the superb First Aid courses you run and an equally huge thank you to Jenny who taught this morning.
The training was first rate: instantly memorable, spot on in terms of need to know, interesting and very congenial. There is a gulf between your provision and other training I took before I discovered you: I am a very willing repeat customer! It is also intelligent, time-efficient and yet always accessible if there is a further question. Please pass on to Jenny how much I enjoyed the morning and how it really has boosted my confidence. 
The training room is fabulous too – the first time I have experienced it
 Hilary Ruttley
I came across First Aid for Life when searching for a course provider who could deliver on site Emergency First Aid at Work training. From A to B the process was as straightforward and manageable as I’d hoped. The training was first rate – the feedback from the course delegates was all good – content delivered was easy to digest and all that attended now had the confidence to act in an emergency if necessary. All involved, from Emma taking the booking to Jenny delivering the course itself were extremely professional and positive in there approach, would not hesitate to recommend!
Chris Mason – Albermarle Independent College

We had great feedback from the attendees on Saturday they felt the trainer was excellent. 

Lesley Massey Care UK

I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing such a wonderful evening for us. James was so fantastic, everyone had such a great time and most importantly learnt so much. He really is a complete pro and all of us are feeling very chuffed we did the class.

We might well be in touch re getting children involved and learning about these things – so important. I have your details (and love the email newsletters you send us) and will no doubt be in touch in the future.

Georgie Soskin xx

Thank you for the professional support and valuable information that you are sharing on your site. First aid for life page is more than a business page, it is a source of knowledge, culture and skills. I would appreciate if you can support me with first aid CD / videos as I can use it in course delivery.

Hope to keep in touch to explore future collaboration with you.

Talal Al-Nabulsi


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Our trainer, Paul, was very knowledgeable, and included all of us in the learning experience. We covered a lot of... material and there was plenty of time to ask questions. It was a very interactive course. I feel confident to deal with a variety of situations that I wouldn't have known how to deal with before. Thank you, Paul!read more
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simon williams
20:35 24 Aug 21
Excellent teaching, patient and detailed. Hope never have to put in to practice what I learnt but much more confident... now should I be called on. Really recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn first aid more
Grace Savage
Grace Savage
11:10 12 Aug 21
5 stars for First Aid for Life trainers! Jane was knowledgeable, knew all her subjects and ensured that everyone felt... at ease! Covid Safe!! I fully recommendread more
Julia Reid
Julia Reid
19:18 23 Jul 21
Very detailed course. The Tutor was friendly and informative. Thanks very much.
Monica Lawrence
Monica Lawrence
09:27 22 Jul 21
Thoroughly enjoyed this First Aid course. The course was brilliant, not only did it take place in a air conditioned... room on one of the hottest days of the month, but the course was very hands on with lots of opportunity to practice the life saving techniques. The course instructor Steve was truly exceptional, he communicated well, was very knowledgeable and interacted well with all the delegates. I would definitely use First Aid for Life again and again and am happy to recommend more Verwichte Verwichte
13:22 07 Jul 21
Excellent online content and excellent delivery in person (blended course). Would definitely recommend.
Matthew Leach
Matthew Leach
11:42 04 Jul 21
Great first aid training session. Engaging, informative and delivered with energy and enthusiasm. Highly recommended.
10:03 29 Jun 21
The course was extremely informative and Andy was a wonderful teacher, going over everything in great detail and making... sure everyone understood every aspect of the training. Overall it was a fantastic course, would highly recommend!read more
Louise Sutherland
Louise Sutherland
15:57 23 Jun 21
We used First Aid for Life for some in-house First Aid training for the coaches and managers at our cricket club. Those... who participated came away with a lot more confidence and knowledge on how to support club members who may need first aid, and also what pro-active measures should be in place to minimise risk as much as possible. A great session, thanksread more
Miranda Wilson-Stone
Miranda Wilson-Stone
09:50 21 Jun 21
Emma was an excellent trainer. She worked at a fast pace, she was clear with her explanations and ready to answer and... explain all questions and answers as the session went on! I highly recommend first aid for life!read more
Steve Tiso
Steve Tiso
12:54 19 Jun 21
The courses and the trainers are fantastic. I have completed on-line and face to face courses covering Dog first aid, ... Mental health first aid, Paediatric and First aid at work. I would recommend First aid for life when you need any first aid more
Debbie Franckeiss
Debbie Franckeiss
13:47 24 May 21
I found the online course and practical training day excellent! The trainer was very good and included lots of... practical tips and examples. Very easy to follow and understand, I can highly recommend these courses!read more
Emma Reynolds
Emma Reynolds
15:12 12 May 21
A great solid learning course. So much interesting info delivered in the way that you remember. No light hearted ness... - true facts given that may require ones self to address, should a situation happen. Well done to you guys & our great course leader. So much energy & passion more
S F Head
S F Head
09:51 07 May 21
Great working with Emma. Really good communication throughout. Great educational options available. The students... enjoyed the chance to gain a certificate and also the Online session more
Rose Goddard
Rose Goddard
09:56 03 May 21
We had an excellent session with the trainer Jenny - what a wonderful teacher! Everyone was really engaged and came... away from the training having learnt so more
Andy Thwaite
Andy Thwaite
14:37 15 Apr 21
Another great course from a great training provider. Emma and her team are incredibly communicative and helpful. Our... two trainers did not disappoint bringing just the right amount of humour and entertainment to help staff through a very thorough and informative day of first aid more
Attila Simony
Attila Simony
22:53 06 Apr 21
Did the Mental Health First Aid course: very thorough, lots of useful information, easy-to-follow material,... enthusiastic and supportive training team. I can only recommend!read more
Agnieszka Sawicka
Agnieszka Sawicka
23:46 21 Aug 20
I'M JUST FINISH MY PAEDIATRIC FIRST AID COURSE I am REALLY satisfied I enjoy so much.STEVEN- THE TRAINER WAS AMAZING... HIGHLY ENERGETIC guy ,MOTIVATED AND REALLY ENJOY WORKING, concentrated on all details explain everything perfectly which makes think so easy to understand I recommend to everyone who looking for professional course with a lot of funread more
The Train Station
The Train Station
12:15 04 Aug 20
I've had over 20 years of First Aid courses in various locations and environments. Without exception this was the... best. From the get go we were very well informed and kept up to date with information during the COVID-19 developments and it's subsequent restrictions and limitations. The course was very well attended (including 5 of my own Team) by a diverse crowd with varying experience and requirements. These were all answered and handled exceptionally. Clarity in explanation and understanding was second to none and it's the very first time a course leader has not only explained the biomechanics of certain situations and techniques but also applied relevant, practical and common sense! Cannot recommend them more
20:32 01 Jun 20
I have completed the training online and in my setting and the experience was amazing. I have refreshed my previous... knowledge and I found it useful. Thank youread more
Carol Lake
Carol Lake
14:45 09 May 20
I have just completed the online component of the course. It was very informative and well presented with a mixture of... videos and reading. The quizzes throughout the course helped with learningread more
Laura Groogan
Laura Groogan
11:49 10 Mar 20
I recently completed the Emergency First Aid at Work with First Aid for Life. I would like to say that our Tutor Gaynor... was extremely knowledgeable, entertaining, personable and made the day really enjoyable. Would highly recommend to anyone that needs or wants to learn this. Location was easy to find and facilities were clean, comfortable. Great experience all round and good value for more
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