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Why Choose Us?

Whether you book a course with First Aid for Life, St John’s Ambulance or The Red Cross, your certificate is equally valid. First Aid for Life is fully regulated through Qualsafe Awards to provide HSE and Ofqual courses.

Fantastic Benefits of Training with First Aid for Life:

  • Our trainers are qualified Nurses or Emergency Services Professionals who use their First Aid on a regular basis. They are also highly experienced and proficient First Aid trainers.
  • Our courses are extremely practical and are held in small groups to give you individual attention and help you to feel confident and competent that you would know what to do in an emergency.
  • We do not teach by rote, but will help you to understand the necessary priorities when treating someone, so that you will be able to think on your feet logically and safely.
  • There will be ample manikins, so no waiting around for others to finish and we are happy to teach adult, baby and child First Aid on any of the courses.
  • The course content will be adapted to your needs, we will listen to your work or home concerns and ensure that all the areas you wish us to cover are included in the course.
  • Your Certificate will be awarded on the day.

We value your time and wish to ensure that you both enjoy the course and learn effectively in a calm and relaxed environment, with extremely well-qualified trainers who are able to answer your questions and teach beyond a prescriptive syllabus.

We have thousands of delighted clients who have shared their outstanding feedback.


We really hope that you will book with us.

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Award Winning


Freeindex TOP RATED Highly Recommended:

Last week, at a birthday party, a little girl of 20 months started to choke on some crisps. Her nanny panicked, so I took her and used the technique I had learned from you. Two slaps later and the crisp dislodged.  I am so, so glad that I attended your course! I felt calm in the knowledge that I did know what to do. When it comes to renewal, myself and some other nannies will definitely be coming to you.

Clair Sturt


You share the depth of your knowledge and experience in a clear way. Fun whilst never underestimating the seriousness of what we are learning. Thank you

Val Archer

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